Track your Cash IN and Cash OUT from anywhere

Manage you portal from anywhere and get track of your financial activities by few clicks with MyTEC.

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Manage your accounting data, keep record and monitor all your financial activities in real-time from your computer, laptop, mobileor tablet with MyTEC.

Track Fees payment

Track and manageeducation fees payment detail information,total fees paid monthly/annually for each and every class and section. View due fees payment list and take action for every month.

Monitor Account heads

Manage different financial activities under different heads and track expenses or cost monthly/ annually.

Quick Access Dashboard

At a glance display of all accounting related information with different heads in an easy accessing manner. Monitor all financial activities here.

Customizable reporting

Create customised professional reports of fees payment, fees due payment, other expenses under various headsas and when required.

Auto Invoice generation

Generate Invoices as and when required with minimal input. It will give you all the payments details of the time period mentioned.

Multi-user editing

Allow multiple authorised users to check and update about any account related information on the same module in real time with separate username and password.

Keep track and manage all financial activities in an easy and smooth manner.

  • Visual representation of accounting details is displayed in dashboard.
  • At a glance customised professional reportsmonthly/annually.
  • Generate invoice automatically.

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