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Digital attendance management system is integrated to automate the daily attendance in schools for students and staff. It maintains accurate records and generates summarized attendance reports on regular basis.

In time & Out time tracking

Keep record of the daily in-time and out-time for all students and staff members entering and leaving the school.Real time tracking of day and time.

Absent Days

MyTEC maintains records accurately on daily note. Easily generate summarized attendance report for absent days based on the real-time tracking.

Reason for absent days

Facility to update the absent days with reason for both students and staff members. Help in analysis for future preferences.

Late entry days

Calculations for late entry for the number of days will be automatically generated within few seconds from the in-time entry on daily basis.

Mode of Transport

Maintain accurate details of mode of transport of each students. Also maintain the regular details of pick up person / school bus and time of pick up for each and every student.

Report Generation

Produce various kinds of reports such asregularity, lateness, absence and reason for lateness.The administrator may analyze the real time reports and make decisions such as performance and communicated needs.

Maintain accurate attendance records and generates summarized attendance reports.

Online time and Attendance system helps you easily monitor, record and evaluate the attendance of students and staff. Simplifies data integration and helps in auto-time tracking of all students and staff. You no more need to worry about manual entry and checking.

  • Modern online attendance system with in-time and out-time tracking.
  • Monitor of presence of students and staff on daily basis.
  • Access Generate reports at your convenience within few seconds.

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