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Simple steps to ready your platform in no time. Follow instruction and get going with your setup instantly.

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Instant Setup

Register with MyTEC and just follow the few simple steps and you are ready to go live within instance.

Easy Guidance

MyTEC user-friendly interface allowsusers to learn the operations on their own. Our help manualassists users to get proper guidance and instruction to carry on the operationseasily.

Information entry

During registration just follow few simple steps and instructions appearing on screen.Website will be automatically created along with other things with the minimal instructions provided.

Design Setup

Some simple basic design layout will be available. Selectan appropriate design layout availabledepending on the modules of your choice and requirements.

Theme Selection

Variety of themes with different colour and background effect are available. You can choose any theme based on your requirement and things will get set instantly.

Website Creation

Just follow few simple steps and feed minimal instructions. Choose your theme, background effect, colour and design layout to create your website automatically.

Support Online

Support is available depending onsubscription plan. Help manual with proper instruction is also provided for each and every section. Go through the elaborate FAQ for any query.

Easily setup and manage things in a much-organised way. Change the looks and layout from a rich variety of available themes. Automate your decisions and no need to look back.

MyTEC provides user-friendly screens and layouts with proper instructions to help you populate your ERP along with website. Follow few simple steps and get ready with your Website automatically and other modules of your requirements.

  • User friendly screen with simple instructions
  • Activate modules of your choice depending on your requirement
  • Variety of theme and Design layout
  • Instant Website ready

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