Turning your classroom into a collaborative learning community

A situation in which two or more people learn or attempt to learn something together

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Learning & Collaboration

Collaborative learning is the instructive methodology of utilizing gatherings to upgrade learning through cooperating. Gatherings of at least two students cooperate to take care of issues, total assignments, or learn new ideas.

Study Material

The learning materials provided by the teacher, school learning and research are called study materials. In other words, it is the collection of material including textbooks, basic syllabus of subjects, patterns, additional information of in-class activities, etc, that teachers may use to help students in achieving desired academic success.

Idea Sharing

Discover new ideas, thoughts and responses very quickly. Inspiration for everyone from Teachers, to Students, to Administrators. Learn how to create great Bunches - from lesson plans to book journals and more. Explore our library for activities to help innovate learning at your school.

Task Based Learning

Task-based learning is an approach to language learning where students are given interactive tasks to complete. For example; write a letter, make a reservation, plan a trip, collaborate to design something.

Group Discussion

Group discussion involves students actively in the process of learning. The students are not mere listeners over here, but, they are also the speakers. There are many other advantages and benefits of incorporating discussion as a technique into the learning process of the students.


Brainstorming is a problem-solving activity where students build on or develop higher order thinking skills. Encourages creative thought. Brainstorming encourages students to think creatively (out of the box), encouraging all students to share their ideas.


MYTEC provides platform for "Student-Teacher Interaction in Online Learning Environments" provides successful teacher-student interactions (TSI) refers to the way teachers and students interact in their classroom relationship

A coordinated synchronous activity that is the result of a continued attempt to construct and maintain a shared conception of a problem.

In group work, students will learn from their fellow students. Sometimes peers will be able to explain concepts or ideas to their fellow students better than a lecturer or teacher.

  • Improves critical thinking
  • Enhances problem solving
  • Improves communication skills
  • Improves cultural awareness

Frequently asked questions

  • Being a teacher will I be able to share all my study materials and day to day activity to all my students?
    • Yes you will be able to share any study material at any time. Students can relax and sit at home or any other place and download the material as per their convenience.
  • How will I share the material class wise?
    • When you are uploading the learning material you need to select the class for whom you are uploading. In this way you can share material for any class.
  • Do I need to upload the learning material for every class every year?
    • No you can share the material only once and can upgrade at any time. You can even keep the old version and upgrade to the new version and activate only the latest version. You need to give permission to the students every year to access the material as per classes.
  • How to start a group discussion?
    • You can start a group discussion for any class at any time. Give a specific topic to the students for discussion. You can include some selective students or even the whole class for such discussion. All results related to such discussion will be stored which can be accessed at any other time.
  • What is Brainstorming? Will it really be helpful?
    • Brainstorming is a section which has been introduced by us for enhancing the thinking capability of the students. It will help a student to think out of the box and innovate new things and think and grow more brilliantly.
  • What is Idea sharing?
    • In this world of busy learning schedules, nobody hardly gets time to share new ideas and thoughts. Sometimes so many students want to talk about their new ideas and thinking but do not get time. So students can post their ideas here and convey them to the teachers. A teacher during their leisure time can have a look at these ideas and can share with the whole class.