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End-to-end cloud-based online exam software that enables you to create, configure, and report online exams.

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Online Exam

Manage Online Exams with MyTEC Online Examination Management System

Cloud-based System

End-to-end online exam solution that is hosted on the cloud so you don’t have to worry about legacy software systems.


Whether you’ve a 1,000 students appearing at a time or 100,000, the software will take care of it.

Anti-Cheating Technology

MyTEC can block navigation and disable keyboard shortcuts to conduct a cheating free online exam.

Exam Configuring Tools

Upload bulk questions, randomize question sequences, and even configure the result publishing date with just a few clicks.

Exam Day Notifications

Email and SMS integration available for communication with examinees that allows you to share key updates and notifications.

Interactive Interface

Everything that happens in our dashboard is easy to grasp quickly. With zero learning curve, all your teachers and examiners can start creating exams by signing up easily and by completing a series of synchronized steps with a few clicks.

Advanced Exam Reporting System

Get reports for your exams including scorecards, computational analysis, and detailed analytics on all the candidates. An ultimate combination of detailed and drilled methodologies that will eventually complement your skills and grades.

On time submission

Keep track of time during ongoing exam from start of exam to end. Notify a candidate for on time submission a few minutes earlier. The exam portal screen will get automatically logged off if the timing is over with the answers saved for each and every candidate for which they attended.

Notification to examinee

The examinee will get an updated information related to the present day of the exam. They can view the number of students attending the exam, finishing the exam, entry and exit time, time taken to give the exam for each and every candidate.

MyTEC, Evaluate and Conduct Exams, All On One Integrated Platform


Any number of users can take Online Exams simultaneously

  • Create and schedule exams
  • Setup Question Answer
  • Setup evaluation rules

During Exams

Eliminate travel time of your students by allowing them to take online exams from their home

  • Conduct exams digitally
  • MyTEC using AI technology
  • Generate student's credibility reports

Post - Exams

Get instant results and by avoiding manual evaluation

  • Assign answer-sheets to evaluators
  • Monitor and manage evaluation process
  • Declare results online

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