Get all the essential records at your fingertips.

Evade piles of paperwork that the school requires, and carry out all the processes related to school management on a single platform.

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Institute Enrolment

Register with MyTEC and get all records automated at your fingertips and access freely from anywhere and anytime on our secured cloud-based platform.Easily create and manage various module depending on your education requirement all under one roof with proper guidance. Get rid of piles of paperwork and get going things in a smarter way.

Instant Setup

Setup Education ERP along with website within few clicks by feeding minimal common data related to own institution. Once done you can setup various modules related to student database, online admission, fees payment and so on at any later time.

Easy Guidance

Our intuitiveuser interface guides the users to set up the things by following few easy steps. Create and manage things with basic knowledge of computer. Help in hand documentation is always provided for all time easy guidance.

Auto Website creation

After registering with MyTEC, website will be created automatically by following few simple steps.You need to just input some important information related to your education institution. Select from various modules available depending on your cost.

User Friendly

If you have Basic Computer Knowledge then you are the right person to use the system. The modules are designed in such a manner that you just need to follow the instructions screens appearing on your monitor.

Anywhere Access

MyTEC is based on cloud-networkwhich makes it secured from any other networks. As anadvantage any authorised person can easilyand securely carry-on various operations and access any module from anywhere and anytime both in web and mobile.

Proper Management

All separate modules with proper heading and sub-heading are present to manage things in an easy manner. An overall dashboard is present to get a glimpse of all activities all at a once.

Low Cost

Compared to the features available the cost is quiet low. Our Basic Plan covers most of the activities with minimal budget within your reach.It is reasonable in price and gives you the value for money. You can go for PREMIUM version at any time.

Maintenance Free

Depending on your type of version and based on your usage and requirements, basic upgradation upon a certain minimal limit will be done and implemented for free. Vast and major changes do not cover this area.

Lifetime usage

OYes, you got it RIGHT. Register once and carry-on and manage all your Education related activities and operations blindly year after year.You can upgrade to any version at any time within this time period.

Enroll with MyTEC to convert to fully automated system and manage all Educationactivities on a single platform from anywhere and anytime.

MyTEC gives you opportunity to manage various school activities through different available modules in an easy and smooth manner.Enroll with us and easily create customized website and select from a variety theme of your choice.

  • Easy Instant setup and automatic website creation.
  • Access MyTEC from anywhere and anytime both in web and mobile.
  • Lifetime usage with variety of modules.
  • Configure a new domain and link with mytec or link with existing domain name.
  • Instant Notification and Alert.

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